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Why Third Idea?

What happens to companies that don’t get the right advice on crafting and maintaining their social media presence?

  • Their reputations take a nosedive.
  • Formerly loyal customers jump ship.
  • Industry-leading companies become second-tier.


What happens to companies that choose the wrong CRM applications?

  • They fail to track key customer metrics.
  • They build their business processes around faulty information.
  • Ultimately, they lose market share to the competitors who were paying attention.


What happens to companies that lack objective guidance in reaching their target audiences?

  • They make decisions by political allegiances and not by best practices.
  • They waste resources targeting weak prospects.
  • They’re forced to compete on price, and not total cost-of-ownership or value.


You don’t need the wrong idea, you need the Third Idea. Get started here.