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Third Idea Consulting

Third Idea Consulting LLC is a firm founded to provide advice on the confluence of customer relationship management (CRM), social media, and brand awareness. Third Idea’s mission is to help businesses navigate the changing currents of customer-facing technology so that all parties can get the greatest benefit from the relationship.

Marshall Lager, managing principalMarshall Lager is the founder and managing principal of Third Idea. Marshall is a former Senior Editor at CRM Media, where he wrote news, blogs, and feature articles on the above topics for CRM magazine and its Web site, destinationCRM.com. During his tenure at CRM Media, he was the recipient of three APEX writing awards for his feature writing and Pint of View, his back page column. Pint of View was recognized as a Silver National Azbee Award winner in 2010 in the Humor Column category.

Marshall spent a year on staff with Vault, Inc., where he edited several business advice books and co-wrote two books on management and technology consulting. His experience also includes home office and home and mobile consumer electronics reviewing.

Marshall can be contacted via:

Phone: 1+ (516) 476-6696

Email: marshall@3rd-idea.com

Twitter: @Lager

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