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Aligning Marketing and Sales Still Matters

Marketo has just released a new white paper, titled simply, “Marketing & Sales Alignment.” I’d like you to take a look at it for two reasons. The first is entirely self-serving: I’m quoted right at the top of the article, which is an honor I’ve only rarely had.

The second reason is more appropriate to why I write about things like this in general: It addresses a salient point for CRM users in a clear and helpful way. It has to, because the problem of getting sales and marketing to work well together is still a problem. After all this time, the same old territoriality remains.

The ancientness of the marketing-sales divide is pointed up, possibly unintentionally, by the paper’s first subheading, “Sales Is From Mars, Marketing Is From Venus.” That hoary, white-bearded metaphor, alluding to those somewhat sexist advice books I’m sure you remember, is entirely appropriate. Just as the books accent outdated gender roles, this white paper shows us the outdated professional mindsets that are still so prevalent in organizations today.

Marketo’s solution to the problem begins with the corollary statement, ” They’re Still Orbiting the Same Sun.” This ties in well with the other solution—the tool set Marketo’s application provides—in lighting the path toward better alignment. You’ll need to judge for yourself if Marketo is the right tool box for you, and there are handy demo and trial offers at the end of the document if you want to go that route. Whether or not you like the product, the thought behind it is spot on.