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Vertical CRM Expertise

(Disclosure: I have a client, Infinity Info Systems, who works with some of the CRM vendors mentioned and in some of the verticals mentioned. It isn’t affiliated with Software Advice and neither am I.)

It’s always good to know there are specialists out there. In one sense, I regard myself as one—I deal with CRM and (especially) social CRM as opposed to general business issues—but I’m still something of a generalist. I know enough about the needs of specific vertical industries to know that one size of CRM doesn’t fit all, and even to make recommendations on functionality and possible vendors, but I leave the nuts and bolts of it to more focused minds.

A consultancy named Software Advice makes those recommendations, and apparently does so free of charge to software buyers. For an example of giving it away for nothing, you might want to check out this blog post by CRM market analyst Lauren Carlson, regarding the company’s picks of Microsoft Dynamics CRM-based vertical integrations in 15 separate industries.

Not too shabby. SA has other articles you might find useful, by several authors. If you don’t have time to check them out now, don’t worry. I’m adding them to my blogroll. Just because I haven’t evaluated a ton of vertical solutions doesn’t mean I can’t point you toward people who have. You’re welcome.