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Just a brief note

I’ve been quiet most of this week because I have been busy preparing for CRM Evolution 2009 next week. There have been some pre-show activities, some reading up on speakers and sessions, and some planning of my own schedule. It should be a good, focused conference, and I say that not just because I used to work for CRM magazine and am friends with most of the people involved.

As a sign of my commitment to the goals of the show, I’ll be hosting two informal “Sunrise Sessions,” one each on Tuesday and Wednesday at 8:00 A.M. (Anybody who knows me will understand that it takes a lot to get me to make an 8:00 appointment–I’m not generally a morning person.) Tuesday’s session will be a discussion of CRM in high-tech; Wednesday’s will be dedicated to social media. I’m looking forward to both, and hope to learn a lot and maybe teach a little. As I said, though, it’s an informal session, not a lecture. Come prepared to have a conversation.

Here are some (but not all) of the other sessions I plan to attend:


  • Paul Greenberg’s opening keynote, of course
  • A103 Customer Experience: The Facts, the Fiction, and the Journey


  • B203 CRM and the Socially Empowered Customer
  • CRM Playaz podcast session — possibly the event of the show, even if it’s only scheduled for 15 minutes :-)


  • C301 Social CRM Panel
  • Closing Panel: Web 2.0 Meets CRM. What Happened?

I’ll do my best to keep up with Twitter updates, both making them and reading them. The hashtag for the event is #CRMe09 if you care to follow.